Sunday, April 04, 2004

My blog is officially one year old today. For the past year, I have been offending people, causing a great ruckus, and, in general, making a fool out of myself. Here's to another year. OK, I have to wait until Easter, but here's to it anyway.

Here's my year in review.

*Benke got off.
*Schultz got fired.
*BOD got pissed.
*CCM got packed.
*CTCR was ignored.
*Josh Drank
*I drank
*Lutheran blogsphere enlarged exponentially.
*Terrible Swede drank at Tim's expense.
*Tim drank.
*Thomas drank.
*It was rumored everyone named Chris drank.
*Life sucked.
*Life was good.
*I read books
*Josh read many more books than I.
*John H. drank Real Ale
*Many of us like Britcoms.
*Monty Python still rules.
*Rocks are cool.
*Anglicanism is gay.
*The ELCA is gay by CCM.
*Thomas about drowned himself in the Tiber.
*Walt Whitman is gay.
*I don't have a clue.
*Karl Rocks.
*I hate the French but love the Frogman.
*Sometimes Catholics do come to their senses.
*Commend people at the bar, not at convention.

How's that for a list.
*Hoists Black and Tan*
Here's to another year.

Have a wonderful Holy Week. If you don't, I'm going to hunt you down and slap you as hard as I can with a herring.

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