Thursday, April 01, 2004

I do have an announcement to make and I do it with a very heavy heart. I have decided, after much thought, study, and prayer, to join the Evangelical Catholic Church. Now some of you will be asking, "Why?" The LCMS is turning into a cespool right now, with enough political organizations to choke the life out of any poor layman. I am definitely poor and I am a layman. As much as that explains why I am leaving, it doesn't explain why I am going where I am going. Simple. The Evangelical Catholic Church is a small, faithful body of Lutherans who actually believe something that the LCMS keeps forgetting: we're catholics as well as evangelicals. So much church growth has infected the LCMS that she has shed her catholicism for the sake of evangelism. Unfortunately, once she shed her catholicism, she has nothing left to evangelize the world with. I'll take smells and bells over the dungheap of the LCMS.

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