Friday, April 02, 2004

For all of you who thought I converted to the ECC, I have two words for you: April Fools.

The joke worked out much better than I expected. Only one person, that I know of, actually caught the joke. The April 1 date was your first clue. The belief in infant communion was your second clue. The silly posts leading up to the last post was a final clue.

I knew I had to convert; to what was the main issue. I decided on the ECC because, honestly, if there was no infant communion, I could probably actually accept the rest of the legalism in place in that church body. Rome and Constantinople were just too obvious if I wanted to make it work. The ECC did its job, and now we all get a good, hearty laugh out of all of this.

One thing I did notice is that no other bloggers seemed to be pulling any April fools pranks. I wonder why.

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