Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I eliminated the link to Old Lutheran. I probably shoudn't have become involved in their boards because I know how stuff like that will just anger me to no end. I'm very intolerant when it comes to things like reletavism or the "lets ignore our differences" attitudes that are prevelent within some strands of Lutheranism. I have an easier time accepting people who say "This is what I believe and if you don't like it, tough." Too many people don't want to grab someone by the neck and say, "I'm right! You're wrong!" in a loving way, of course.

Since the topic of language has come up elsewhere, I have decided to tackle it here. I have three main rules:

1) I only use the F and S bombs in relation to the French.
2) The second commandment shall be observed.
3) Using words from Depraved and Insulting English is allowed.

Speaking of words from that book, I am trying to decide which word fits the Terrible Swede better: catarolysis or coprolalia. Vote now!

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