Sunday, April 25, 2004

Dude, he could have received a commision as an officer. Do you or anyone else know why he didn't? $19000/yr? Shit, I was making more than that in active duty Air Force, Dan. He could have easily been commisioned as an officer (leader) and made more money, AND still be a part of the Rangers.

Let me see, he gets promoted to E3 after he gets out of basic, he gets combat and hazardous duty pay, he gets allowances. Hey, your problem is you actually believe the media when they said he made $19,000 a year. You know better. You believed the media, which, ultimately, is a problem. My boss was an ossifer in the Air Force and if you heard the stories he told, you wouldn't want to do that, degree or no degree.

Since he had a degree (in what?) and took an enlisted position, do I conclude he was a dumbass, perpetuating the "Dumb Jock" idea?

I don't know, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a 3.82 in three and a half years with a degree in marketing and play college football isn't too bad . Yes, he has to be a dumb jock!

Money may not have been an issue. But considering he had a wife to take care of he could had taken better care of her with millions from a sport he loves than from the thousands the govt gives for such service and duty.

Let us analyze this. He had already made enough money to live computable for the rest of his life, and he decided to join the army. Of course, you probably didn't know about this when the story first broke because you don't like sports. Let us look at his decision in the light of the doctrine of vocation. Was he taking care of his wife better by earning millions or by killing terrorist bastards before they killed her. Money is no good if she's dead. Thus he was doing a better service to his wife by killing terrorists. Oh, and by your logic, half our seminarians shouldn't be going to seminary. By that logic, my grandparents shoudn't have gotten married. By that logic, my grandfather shouldn't have volunteered in WWII. Am I getting my point across.

He still a dumbass!

Thank you for making this point, mispelling commission and commissioned, and basically showing yourself to being a jerk. You might as well just have just taken a dump on my grandfather's grave.

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