Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Why do I hate the French? I have pondered this question for quite awhile because xenophobia makes no logical sense, but that does not stop me from making fun of the, "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" (apologies to Homer Simpson). Yes, they bathe about once every two years. Yes, their national flag should be all white. Yes, their elite force (the Foreign Legion) celebrates its defeats rather than its victories. Yes, we had to save their asses twice this century, more than double the payback they gave to us to rid ourselves of the British. Yes, the Gauls were overrun by the Romans and it has been all downhill from there. So, as you can see, this is not xenophobia as much as just a little friendly ribbing (yeah right). I should just come clean. Since I listen to Jim Rome, I like french bashing. It's that simple. I find the french surrendering to two Canadian tugboats amusing. Considering the word to Frenchify means to acquire a STD, perhaps the french should just surrender to AIDS and be done with it. Their language is dying (to the delight of the English, I presume) and their land is being overrun by Moslems. They reproduce at a rate of 1.7 children per couple (below the replacement rate of ~2.1) so they themselves are dying off. At that rate, they'll probably breed themselves out of existence.

I just sat here and watched the hamster take about half the food in her food bowl and shove it into her mouth pouches and move it to her nesting area. Considering there are some very large pellets within her food, she managed to shove it all in. Rodents rule.

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