Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Thomas has moved and reappeared, to my own delight. I have also added the musings of tentatio to my blogroll. I just discovered Mark Cuban has a blog. Who knew?

Too many beers, too little time. Everytime I decide to discuss beer, I get comments. If I discuss anything else besides British comedies, I get little to nothing. What gives people? Is everyone just more interested in beer? Should I change the name of my blog to "Random Thoughts of a Young, Drunken Lutheran?"

I am currently watching my sister's hamster run around the living room in a small plastic ball. They make things like that for your small rodents (you wouldn't shove a Guinea Pig or Chinchilla into one of these things) can happily run around the house without you having to worry about it happily running around the house. Anyway, she is gleefully running around, running into various objects with reckless abandon. You know what the saddest part of the whole thing: I think she's very cute. Sickening, isn't it?

Finally, Italian Police Break Into Church to Install Priest.

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