Friday, March 12, 2004

If you are looking for updates on the whole Spanish bombing story, look no further than Iberian Notes. Keep the country in your prayers.

I have decided what my next target of opportunity is. I thought of it as I was freezing my ass off in a warehouse. I know what you all are thinking. "Will you be tacking PDL from a new angle?" No. "Have you found a new target within the LCMS?" No. "Will it be more Benke bashing?" No. "Will you even be targeting anything within Lutheranism?" No. "Will you be bashing the WWJD craze?" No. It all has to do with a comment I made about a certain line of products that is very much a reflection of what American Evangelicalism has become. This stuff is so sickening any right-thinking male will avoid it while all the women adore these things and, sometimes, I wonder if these things have become the Protestant version of icons and the new Mary. What would this be, you ask? Precious Moments.

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