Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Most of you know I do have quite an interesting taste in bad poetry (I even have a book full of it), but I never quite know what to make of stuff like this. Allah used the term "shitty" to describe this poem. I would tend to agree because it just does not evoke the same emotional response that truly bad poetry does. If the poem is truly bad, I laugh. This poem just sucks.

I know I'm late linking to this and this, but I had a major crisis going on that I had to recover from. Now go look at all the graphic pictures (the guy was literally blown to bits) and don't blame me if you puke after looking at them.

Thomas here, here, and here makes some interesting points. Go read these posts if you haven't already.

The Terrible Swede will be back on my blogroll, but on probation under the following rules:
1) There will be no mentions of number theory, no matter how much Josh may tempt him (this one will kill him.)
2) All comments on this blog are not to be made under his real name, but under the name "Tater Salad."
3) He shall not refer to Jesus First as Jesus Last or Daystar as Deathstar. A "Ni!" or two after mentioning their proper names is acceptable as is bringing in the Spanish Inquisition.
4) Any failure to not follow these rules within the next two weeks (the length of probation) shall mean permanent removal or a seat in the comfy chair. (I love it when I can use Monty Python references he's clueless about).

I must also institute a few rules on everybody else:
1) If your comments get too silly, I shall have to stop them.
2) Any mention of lumberjacks must also mention women's clothing.
3) The French still suck (alright, this isn't a rule).
5) Don't ever let me catch any of you not drinking.
That should do it for now.

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