Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Carnival of Lutherans

Ruminating Lutheran has posted some excellent sermons for Holy Week. He should post them on Consensus, IMHO.

Paul McCain has an excellent post up on Crucifixes and Lutheranism.

Thomas is still rocking.

John H. discusses "No Bible Sunday" closed communion, and Sanctification.

Josh celebrated his two year blogversary. Congratulations. He also gives the reasons he didn't go to Ft. Wayne. Who also cannot forget the Fearsome Confession of Faith.

Chris Jones posts on Bishops in the Missouri Synod.

Erica is having surgery on Good Friday.

Neal broke the news on Monty Python.

That's it for the first installment of the Carnival of Lutherans. The Lutheran blogsphere is getting big enough that something like this (no matter how biased and opinionated I am) might become useful. Expect me to post what I consider the best of the Lutheran blogsphere every Tuesday at some point.

I am thinking of adding a new blog, one to link to longer posts and allow those who wish to read them to read them while not having to scroll three-quarters id the way down to find my last post.

By the way, while you're reading through all those links, stop by The Blogsburg Confession. There is some excellent stuff to be found there.

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