Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I will soon be to the point where I just begin emptying out everything. The tank is slowly beginning to drain finally, and I don't have much to blog about newswise.

The Ruminating Lutheran has found a new blog called Cyberbrethren that is run by Rev. Paul McCain, interim CEO of CPH (Concordia Publishing House for all the non-Lutherans). He has some interesting posts up, so check him out.

Twylah's Lutheran in a Tipi is being added to my links. I'm going to have to start eliminating people soon (Preacherman comes up in my mind in this respect since he hasn't posted in over four months) because I'm linking to too many people. I may start linking to people who all have different blogrolls and just leave it at that. British soon-to-be Lutheran Confessing Evangelical deserves a link as well. As for Preacherman's lack of posting, he's a pastor in an active parish so I more than understand why the blog is being neglected. I just wish he would take a minute and say whether or not he wants to keep blogging or if he is stopping for good. Anyway, I'm dropping him.

Finally, Christians in the Middle East. Read it and weep.

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