Friday, March 26, 2004

Ruminating Lutheran has a good post on unity.

Thomas has a post on the new group he would like to start called SNOB as an auxiliary (I think that's the best way to describe it) to the ESOB.

Anyway, I am busily reading The Orthodox Church: Its Past and its Role in the World Today by John Meyendorff. It is part of my continuing quest to educate myself about a church which, honestly, I cannot say much about. The only churches I have any comfort level in making lofty pronouncements within are Lutheranism (duh), Catholicism (more duhs), and Mormonism (huh?). If I am outside those three churches, I tend to just shut up and watch unless something really blatant occurs (like unrepentant homosexual bishops or unrepentant bishops in general, which the ECUSA is full of). I know what I know in the realms I know, but get me outside those realms and I can get myself in a lot of trouble. Notice how much I comment on Karl's blog, for instance. Once, twice, maybe three times. I lurk and learn.

I have been asked by someone who shall remain nameless about why I no longer use the terms "Jesus Last" (Ni!)or "Deathstar" (Ni!) to describe certain political groups trying to pretend to not be political groups within the LCMS. It is simple: if I am to win hearts and minds, I don't insult their friends. That does not, however, prevent me from saying "Ni!" to them or bringing in the Spanish Inquisition when needed. (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!)

Finally, The Life of Brian is returning to the big screen.

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