Thursday, March 25, 2004

It took Tater Salad (new rule: that's what everyone must call the terrible swede from now on) a whole whopping twelve hours to break every single rule I placed on him. This goes to prove one point I've been trying to make to him (and it goes in one ear and out the other): he is so utterly predictable it is laughable. Oh, and if you think me using Tater Salad as a guinea pig was funny, I could do it to just about anyone who posts comments here regularly and predict what you will say. If you've paid any attention to me, you could predict what I might say about a given post. We are all a bunch of predictable robots. The fact that I knew Tater Salad would fall into my trap like a fat woman eats a chalupa is the whole point. That, and he needs to watch the Flying Circus.

So, why did I impose those rules?
1) I just didn't want my comments crammed with number theory posts. If you can't stay on topic, don't waste bandwidth.
2) A stupid nickname should be given to those who commit party fouls. He earned this one.
3) This one was simply instituted to try to keep him from putting his foot inside his mouth. With the alternatives given, you would figure he could keep this one. I guess I overestimated him.
4) In case I was wrong, he needed some sort of reward. He did not let me down.

So, in conclusion, be random, not predictable. I would say like me except that would be predictable, so I'll just say like, ummm, errr, Richard Simmons!!!

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