Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I never thought I would have to implement this, but someone broke the one rule you never break, and it is the ultimate in party fouls. The punishment for spilling your beer is light compared to this party foul. This party foul is so bad there can be only one result: death. Since I cannot implement a death sentence (I neither have the authority nor a sharp sword to do the proper beheading this foul deserves), I can only do what I can do. What is the foul, you ask? Simple: RON THE TERRIBLE SWEDE INSULTED SOMEONE WHO HAD BOUGHT HIM BEER THE DAY BEFORE!. Even if the devil himself buys you a beer, you don't insult him afterwards. Now he's got me wondering if and when he's going to turn around and stab me in the back. Therefore, the terrible swede is off my blogroll, and, rather than punish his wife for his actions, I will delete any further comments he might make on my blog no matter what their nature. Anyone who quotes or discuses a point made by Ron will also be deleted.

I wondered if Terry was purposely trying to start WWIII. My ass was sore and my arm swollen so I didn't bite. Ron managed to bite his tongue. It doesn't matter. I ought to just ban everyone from the ULC from commenting. Yep. That would solve everything. NOT!

I don't know. I'm mad. At everyone. Except Dan2. Dan2 rocks because his name is Daniel.

My Office of the Holy Priesthood post shall wait a little longer because I had to deal with everything. If you want to find me, I'll be out at Sidepockets this Sunday drinking and trying to bluff my way though no-limit Texas hold 'em. Oh, and also, F the French.

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