Friday, January 23, 2004

Since I had covered Lutherans and the Bible (or should Sirach be canonical), I thought the discussions here and here might be useful to some of you. Buried in there is the name of a book by Robert Preus that might help clear up the mess I started.

I also want to clear up a couple other rules of commenting on this blog. I do not mind if you use an alias as long as you supply an e-mail address. While I may not have said as much, the fact that East Coast Lutheran and Wish are not banned should be proof of that. Anonymous posters will be asked to identify themselves. (I know we all screw up. For instance, you're posting from the computer at work instead of home and you forget to type your name in.) If a response is not forthcoming within a day, you will be banned from commenting. Most importantly, the prior rules still apply.

Finally, in case you didn't notice, I changed the titles of the comments to reflect the questions asked by the keeper of the bridge of death in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I will probably rotate the titles every once in a while to different Monty Python quotes and maybe even song lyrics. I hope you like the changes!

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