Tuesday, January 27, 2004

First, important buisness. Do not click here unless you have time to waste. Thank you Jonah Goldberg. Thank you from keeping my mind off the fact I feel like bespewing.

Secondly, I ask once again for people to please place your comments under the proper comments area. I am moving some of your posts around to the proper comments threads. (Why am I the only blogger, it seems, to have this problem?)

Third, I have to get a political rant off my chest. We just passed legislation to give seniors perscription drug coverage. There is a problem with seniors and drugs. The problem is the government meddled in the insurance buisness and that caused the problem. Huh? In the 90s, Congress passed a law limiting Medicare supplemental coverage to ten plans, and only a few of those plans had perscription drug coverage. Those plans were expensive and covered other things seniors may or may not have wanted. So, Congress caused the problem in the first place. Seniors could not just go out and buy whatever coverage they needed, and perscription drug prices continued to rise (another rant). So, the government caused this mess. What should we do??? Should we repeal the silly law that caused the problem in the first place? [sarcasm]Oh no! Government can do know wrong![/sarcasm] So we passed more laws to cover the fact the first law is extremely defective. To quote John Stosell, "Give me a break!"

Fourth, while I'm on perscription drugs, I'll tell you why our drug costs are insane. Other countries just refuse to pay market value for their drugs. It's that simple. So, while everyone else gets cheap drugs, those of us in the US get the shaft and end up paying the costs for the rest of the world. Should we import our drugs from Canada? Why not make the Canadians, Brits, French, and everyone else actually pay for the drugs. There is the commandment, "Thou shalt not steal." and, IMHO, those governments are stealing drugs by not paying for them.

Finally, in case you missed it, Wish found an error in my post. I said Holy Cross excomunicated George Tiller. Mr. Tiller (I refuse to call anyone like him who takes life "Doctor") left Holy Cross before they had the pleasure of excomunicating him. My appologies for the bad info.

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