Sunday, January 25, 2004

Light beer is light on taste. light on flavor, and light on beer. During prohibition, there was a saying about near beer: "The man who named it near beer is a porr judge of distance." Light beer=water. If I wanted to spend $10 on a case of water, I wouldn't buy water with the words "Natural Light" on the side. I would rather buy Evian because it actually tastes better. For those of you who are poor and can't afford those high-priced imports, I suggest saving your money and buying some decent beer. Buy microbrews if you can't stand sending your money to Ireland, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, etc. Since light beer is priced like Evian without the taste, it must be evil. When something from France tastes better than light American macrobrews, the American macrobrews must be evil because they are being beaten by the French. The Lord sayeth, "Drink real beer."

I have been thinking about a very deep question: Is Rick Warren a theologian of the Cross?

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