Friday, January 09, 2004


This phrase should adequately describe what has happened the past two days. First the ugly. I have one comment on my last post, and I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I could 1) answer the comment within the comments thread or 2) answer the comment with a blog post or 3) ignore the comment or 4) let everyone else duke it out in the comments thread and sit back and watch. Option 4 intrigues me, especially since no real arguments have erupted in the comments yet. Actually, not much of anything has erupted in the comments. Anyway, I want to see if everyone else thinks I have misinterpreted Mr. Warren's words in my previous post.

The bad deals with the drama in my family. TNT claims that it knows drama, but they have never contacted my mom's side of the family. Believe me: we know drama. It happens every time we get together. At some point, Murphy's Law grabs hold and it goes downhill from there. Whoever said, "Murphy was an optimist" nailed these past two days. I was in Oklahoma City (for an event to be named in the Good) and, like every other gathering, the women were all arguing over who will do what and when and my aunt was about to blow a gasket trying to make things perfect. Drama. Other things occurred today, just compounding the already existing drama to new heights. And people wonder why I drink.

The Good is very good. My cousin was commissioned as a DCE in the LCMS. I am very proud of her and her accomplishment, and I pray God would bless her in her call and allow her, ultimately, to do what I believe is her strength. After commissioning her, we went out with a few of her other friends to a bar and killed off numerous brain cells while participating in karaoke. Metallica and G'n'R could have sounded much better. You know I'm tipsy when I'm chiding the audience for not forming a mosh pit. What did I expect? I'm in the land of Garth Brooks!!!

Update: I missed an excellent post on St. Stephens Musings. Well worth the read, and go ahead and look at his links as well. He has one of the best Christian blogs of any denomination out there.

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