Saturday, January 31, 2004

Make sure to stop by Thomas today to read up on the Feast of the Three Hierarchs.

There seems to have been a discussion breaking out about worship music while I was ill, and it is a discussion I wanted to engage in but probably would have made a fool of myself if I had. While composing this, I am listening to Arvo Part's I Am the True Vine, one of the most beautiful pieces of a capella music I have ever heard. It is as relaxing as chant, but the polyphony add to the relaxing qualities. I do have my favorites. Anyway, Josh and Chris the Welshman have both discussed this topic, and I encourage all to look there.

Long ago, (actually, my first post), I said, "... we don't want to have the same crap shoved down our throats six days a week by corporate radio shoved down our throat again on the seventh!" There is something to be said for music that doesn't imitate the culture. Partly, it is because of the style of music American Evangelicalism has lost the idea that God is transcendent and powerful. We no longer fear God. (Got to be Good Looking Cause He's so Hard to See) Instead, God is our buddy. There is hope, however.

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