Wednesday, January 14, 2004

More Wisdom from the Apocrypha

Furthermore, anyone with a fit mind and good judgment, who considers the divine majesty of God and our weakness, easily understands how profitable and necessary it is to pray without ceasing [Luke 18:1, 1 The. 5:17], and how difficult it is to do so. When you stand before the Lord to pray, stand before him with great fear and desire. Break the chains of earthly anxiety from your heart. Fight manfully so that your speech may be holy and pure and unstained, and the gates of heaven will open before you in prayer. The angels will meet it in joy and carry it to the throne of the blessed Father. "Before offering prayer," says the wise man, "prepare your heart and do not be like a man who tempts the Lord." [Sir. 18:23]--The Daily Exercise of Piety, Johann Gerhard, Repristination Press, P. 11.

Update: If I had realized that the best way to generate traffic to this site was to try to judge confessionalism by how dark your beer is, I would have done it a long time ago.

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