Monday, January 19, 2004

I am not sorry for calling things as I see them and I am not sorry for criticizing The Purpose-Driven Life. Any book that has such a wide audience actually deserves serious criticism. If a popular book espouses bad theology, it would be unloving for me to just sit here, put my fingers in my ears, and pretend nothing is wrong. I believe the criticism stands on its own merits, and if people wish to take issue with my criticism, one should do more than make general allegations that I twisted quotes and I engage in ad homenin attacks, because that itself is not more than an ad homenin without evidence. I would also let it be known I have never said this blog is anything close to a Bible Study. I do not mind this certain person telling me how he actually feels (he has no reason to apologize for what he said tonight and, actually, he earned some of my respect), at least don't make false claims about my blog. I give my opinions and, if people do not like them, well, those people are wrong.

The problem with using satire and sarcasm is that it can go too far and people get mad. It is very easy and very tempting to go too far. I went too far. For that, I say my mea culpas and ask for forgiveness.

My comments on British comedies elicited some excellent comments and a new show I need to get a hold of somehow.
Father Ted sounds right up my alley.

Soon, I am going to begin linking to some non-Lutheran blogs. There is a lot of good stuff out there that isn't within the realm of Lutheranism, and a lot of stuff I seriously disagree with. The people on those blogs, however, make intelligent cases for their positions and it is always worth reading someone else's ideas, especially if they are within the catholic tradition. If you want Calvinism and Arminianism, Josh has the links. I, myself, will stick with Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, and maybe a conservative Anglican. Karl will top that list because, after reading him for a while, I think he's one of the best Christian bloggers period. One day, I hope my blog shows as much intelligence and readability as his blog does. And, in case you didn't notice, I think Josh is in that same class. Anyone who has read me for long enough, most of the time I am short on accolades and long on criticism. That alone should show you how much respect I have for those two gentlemen.

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