Monday, January 05, 2004

Holy Ridicule

In many respects, this is what my blog is aiming for. That, and pure sarcasm. For instance, since DP Benke is unrepentant and cannot seem to repent even though he has been reasoned with many times, he deserves a little satire and sarcasm. Our dear SP also deserves a few pin pricks to try to bring the person to repentance. I can hear it now: "Isn't that mean, Daniel?"

To quote Mr. Wilson, "Not really. Good satire isn't cruel since the target deserves it."

I do admit I can get out of hand sometimes with the satire and sarcasm, but it all has the purpose to try to shock the person and get him to actually think about what he is saying and compare it to scripture and the Confessions.

Speaking of sarcasm, after the Benke situation first came to light, the Kansas District was going to produce a Bible study defending Dr. Benke's actions. I wonder what happened to that? Hmmm...

The whole point of this post is to prepare the way for my next great endeavor on this blog: The Purposeless-Driven Life. Yes. I am going to find the most oddball translations and use them to defend the notion life is purposeless. Expect the book of Ecclesiastes to be taken out of context in this parody. Reason can only get you so far. Sometimes, you have to take out a serrated edge.

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