Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Chris Halverson was nice enough to stop by and say "hi!", so I am returning the favor and linking to his site. I did enjoy him calling my site his "bizzaro world". Chris, if you think I am your opposite, you really need to read Josh.

Considering this is a random page, Fearsome Viking hasn't updated, even though he took his computer to Oregon with him, and is apparently able to forward e-mails to me. I did like the postcard, however. Mt. St. Helens in one of her "not too happy" stages.

You know I am bored when I begining rambling on about beer. However, this is an interesting, if not somewhat convoluted article, on how feminism has ruined American Beer. After you finish reading that, I have a theory for you. Are you done? Get a beer from the fridge.

My theory says the more confessional a given male is, the more likely that male will consume dark beer. If you are holding a beer, the darker it is, the more confessional you are. The arch-confessionals will drink Guinness just to spite the confessionals. If you pulled out either a Zima or other malted beverages of that ilk, why? Do you have no respect for yourself? Bonus confessional points are made for the following: Whisk(e)y (double bonus for scotch, triple bonus for single-malt, double bonus for Irish whiskey), Long Island Iced Tea (automatic 4x), Martinis (even though we will suspect Anglican tendencies with this one), Bourbon, Vodka (quadruple bonus if you can use it for windshield wiper or brake fluid), and 100 proof schnapps of any flavor. Points removed for girlie drinks and any liqueur under 50 proof. Double points eliminated if the drink in question comes from France.

I am sure, using these basic concepts, I could come up with a test that would test how confessional a given person is.

I was once going to do a post describing the theology of Monty Python. Instead, I am directing you towards Strange Women Lying in Ponds. If you have to ask, you just don't get it.

Another Frenchman, err, woman, with her head screwed on straight. Via Instapundit.

AOL Radio finally got a metal channel for someone like me. That should tell you just about everything right there. I am really going to hell now. That devil music will infect my brain and make me less likely to buy into the "temporary Christian" stuff. Maybe metal does serve a good purpose in the church.

Finally, Operation Clambake. I figure that just linking to this site might increase my traffic by leaps and bound to attract angry Scientologists (an oxymoron. There's nothing even remotely scientific about scientology). How much are you going to trust a religion created by a man who believed humanity evolved from clams? He can't even get his wrong evolutionary tree right.

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