Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I did send an e-mail to an old friend asking about my blog, and he gave me good advice. He thinks I need to chill on the ad homenin and the sarcasm. He (and my no longer banned friend Tim) are right. So gone are the all out attacks and radical sarcasm (crosses fingers). I am a sinner and, God willing, I will not slip back into my old ways. I am a sinner, and that's why I'm crossing my fingers.

Issues Etc. had to replay the second hour from last week because the questions on The Purpose-Driven? Life were so numerous. Good. It gave people who didn't hear the second hour a chance to see the major problems. (The first hour can be found here.) They were planning on talking about the Word-Faith Movement.

Predestination: The Great Doctrine of Comfort

The Power of the Gospel

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