Friday, January 02, 2004

A new year brings old problems back into the light, and, while we celebrate the circumcision of Jesus, let us ponder what the New Year will bring. Apparently, it's dragging everything from 2003 and bringing it into 2004. Yes, politics did not end last year. Oh, no. That would make the lodges unhappy. The nominations committee, which is elected by the districts, has eliminated most of the conservative nominees.

In other news, Rev. Charles Henrickson's paper presented at the Walther Conference is now online (Find it in Word format here).

I am going to completely change subjects and talk about something I have only hinted at before: college football. K-State is currently playing. El Roberson broke curfew, and he was not punished for it. He should not have been allowed to start, in the least, and probably should not even have played in the game. Coach Snyder stated (oops, started) Roberson. I always liked Coach Snyder, even though I am a much bigger Oklahoma fan. My grandfather went to K-State, so I have a fondness for the school. Coach Snyder has always been a disciplinarian, and a man who did not allow his players to get away with anything. That all is gone now. The man is no better than Coach Osborn or any other slimebag coach who will let his best players get away with murder (literally). Coach Snyder is now in my bad guy list. Licktwat.

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