Friday, February 20, 2004

You would figure I would know about just about every Lutheran blog out there. I mean, we all run around in the same circles and drinking the same beer, so you would think I have just about every LCMS Lutheran blogger pegged. Apparently not. While browsing through the comments on Tim's blog, I run into the author of this blog: The Ruminating Lutheran. Considering his blog has been up since the 15th of this month, I will not be too hard on myself and, having read his blog, I believe he deserves a link. I'll just skip over the blessing/curse stuff. He posted on Dying to Live by Rev. Dr. Harold Senkbeil, he has good links, and I like what he's saying. This blog is highly recommended, especially since the author is a LCMS pastor. Considering how much Preacherman has posted recently, you might want to pay attention.

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