Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My friend Ron the Terrible Swede came out of his hole for a bit, rummaged around, saw his shadow, knew that there would be six more weeks of winter so he went back inside. Anyway, I'm not saying anything that I haven't told him already, like waiting for more information after twelve years is dumb (and, thus, French) and getting more countries is ridiculous when you already have a coalition bigger that the first one. Yes, Ron listens to way too much National People's, err, Public Radio. As to the rest of it, the only thing I can say is remind my dear friend that Honda was producing the same horsepower with better gas mileage than Toyota in the Indy Racing League. Serves them right for making my car flea-powered.

In case you haven't heard it, Dean and Gore make me want to Shout!.

I am adding (or, in one case, have added and didn't mention) a few new links. The first is The Lutheran Confessions. It is an interesting site with a perspective from "the dark side" (ELCA). I've been reading them at least as long as I have been reading Josh, and they make some very good and an occasional controversial point. It's well worth you time to drop by there. The second site hides under the "unclassified" section of Josh's blog, but me, being a geologist and believing I can classify just about anything, have the perfect classification for this blog: Other. Yes, I'm talking about The Boar's Head Tavern, a place where you can see Christians of all stripes try to outthink (and out drink) each other, when they feel like it. Otherwise, they just discuss topics. The final link in this trilogy (mirroring the trinity) is a site any blogger claiming to be Lutheran should have on his or her links list, but since none of us do, I'll blaze the trail. Yes, that site is Old Lutheran. Read a "You might be a Lutheran..." joke, get a new recipe using Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, and but you pastor a Martin Luther bobble head doll (or a clerical cap). Cheesy? You bet. I still love the place, however, so go get your "Sin Boldly" t-shirt before summer arrives. You'll be the talk of the church!

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