Saturday, February 14, 2004

Long ago (January 12th, to be exact), I made the hypothesis (I called it a theory, but I was wrong) that says the darker the beer, the more confessional the Lutheran. I have refined that hypothesis to this: confessionalism is determined by the darkest beer one drinks with any regular basis. I have even been classifying beers after reading paper with names like Review of Carbonate Sand-Belt Deposition of Ooid Grainstones and Application to Mississippian Reservoir, Damme Field, Southwestern Kansas. I am still refining my classification scheme, but it should be ready for release soon. I have separated the American macrobrews from the microbrews from the imports. I have one observation. If all you drink is macrobrews, you are in trouble theologically.

Chris Halverson is still calling my blog his Bizzaro World. I honestly consider that a compliment. I still hold that if our blogs intersected each other in cyberspace, they would annihilate each other. Even though I disagree with him a lot, I'm still linking to him. As with anyone else who gets a link, it can be either a blessing or a curse. Considering the day I'm linking to him, who knows. To quote Josh, he needs comments and links. This is part of my continuing project to link to people named Chris with blogs.

Chris Williams has Part Two of his story up. If you didn't bother reading part one, you should.

I welcome all the new traffic I'm getting from my new friends at the Old Lutheran Table Talk Forum. Make sure to stop by some of my friends in the links, and welcome to the insanity that is my blog!

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