Tuesday, February 03, 2004

If you didn't look at Karl's site, you missed this link on the Presentation. If anything, it's worth to just to see what Via Affirmata looks like.

People who have read this blog might be saying, "He's all over the place. One moment he's posting readings for a feast, and the next post he's declaring BBC lied. What gives?"

Notice the first two words in the title: Random Thoughts. I can go from celebrating feasts to decrying the Super Bowl halftime show without a second thought. I don't even try to connect and weave my thoughts because they just pop up. I just rant, discuss, or make fun of whatever pops up in my mind at the moment. That, I believe, is what makes my blog so interesting: you never know what I will post on next. I do have my pet topics, but even those can be overtaken by stories like German Beer Consumption Is Falling. (Thanks to Davids Medienkritik via InstaPundit). That is depressing.

I also need to mention the deck of the most dangerous bloggers. It rocks.

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