Tuesday, February 24, 2004

For geeks everywhere (including myself), the Ships of Star Trek Quiz.

The whole ELCA seminarian who was in charge of a major part of the 2004 convention story keeps getting more fascinating. I do not blame anybody but the seminarian for the murder, and the State of Texas will take care of that issue (and, being Texas, it could be a permanent solution), and it is fascinating because it is very strange. This article is irresponsible in the sense the author does try to blame the SP and Texas DP for the murder. The other points it makes, however, are worth considering. Does true ecclesiastical supervision occur within the LCMS anymore? A case like this should make us all reevaluate the current system and what changes may or may not have to be made. In all honesty, I believe an actual enforcing of what we already supposedly have would greatly help. How many circuit counselors actually visit all the congregations every three years as prescribed? What do our DPs spend most of their time doing?

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