Saturday, February 21, 2004

I have commented before on the use of satire and sarcasm as a tool. One of the main aims of a person that uses sarcasm is that they use it in such a way that it is an edge. An edge will cause some pain, will bleed a little, but it is enough for the person to go, "Hmm," and consider what is being said. "All animals are created equal. Some are more equal than others." (A piece of cardboard with tomato sauce and fake cheese to the first person who can actually remember what book that's from.) Another, more pertinent satire,, could be, "Let's put Michael Jackson and a bunch of boys on stage and everybody will be happy." Ummm, maybe not. That's just plain wrong on my part. I am sorry for that image. Let me try this again. "A communist, monarchist, socialist, Nazi, and capitalist all congregate on a stage, hold hands, and pretend there are no differences between them." Errr, maybe. I'll have to work on this some more. Anyway, the point is you are trying to get people to think. Here lies an example of how not to do that. That post is about a subtle as a jackhammer. If your goal is to be a jackhammer, watch Full Metal Jacket about 20 more times. If you actually want to win hearts and minds, use your own brains!!!! My friend is a nitwit sometimes.

This message brought to you by the Church of Jesus H. Christ. Visit the local ward near you.

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