Saturday, February 07, 2004

How come it seems that all my friends are now getting their own blogs and spouting forth (alright, not like I don't spout off). I started it as a way to just unleash my thoughts about life, the universe, and everything upon the world at large. Whether or not anybody actually cared about what I was saying was moot. The act of blogging is cleansing. Strange, isn't it? Then Terrible Swede started a blog which he updates about as much as I work on my thesis. I think he started it because he was sick of me calling him a frenchman. Tim started up after having forgotten about my blog for a while. He was too busy running his own site (an inside joke). Now, we have the newest entry. Terrible Swede's wife Copied Edit aka Erica is now blogging. My little foray into blogging has created a monster.

And it's all Josh's fault.

This is for Tim.

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