Thursday, February 19, 2004

I was going to comment on a lot of things, like icon, art and stuff like that, then I stumble across this piece of news. Remember my post on the ELCA seminarian serving as music director for the 2004 convention? He might no be able to fulfill his duties being that he has been arrested for the murder and arson of a 61 year old woman. (Original article can be found here). I would not blame you if you react the same way I reacted when I first read this. I said something to the extent of "Holy Fucking Shit!!!" It was already bad enough he is looking to be ordained by a heterodox church body, but this has to take the cake. Hopefully, our SP has enough sense not to let Mr. Henstenberg continue in his position. If he doesn't, if you thought what I had to say was already bad, it would be just the tip of the iceberg, and, in this case, it would be well deserved. Josh dislikes him enough that a crack on him somehow worked its way into a rant over icons. Icons and synodical presidents. Yeah, I get that.

I was going to engage in more reporting about Thomas, but I decided to comment on Josh and this. He spent six bucks to talk to her. Everyone made comments to the effect of "Go for it!" If I was lucky enough to be contacted by such a lovely example of the opposite sex, I would spend six bucks too. It is quite unfortunate, however, that the word "Lutheran" does not guarantee much in a world where the E*CA exists. Yes, she is E*CA. Yes, even worse, she want to be a priestess. If there were only more Renee Zellweger look-alikes with red hair in the LCMS. Like that would guarantee anything.

Oh, and in case you didn't read the comments, Thomas said, "[N]o matter where I end up, I'll fight to the death for the fundamental truth of Sacred Sperm and Wafer Thin Mints! On that I cannot disagree.

I am preparing a long post for Ash Wednesday. I'm about halfway through typing it out, and I will probably be finished with it by tomorrow. As with every Lent, I am giving up stuff that will truly make me suffer. If you cannot figure out what that might be, it's because I have spent way too much time discussing Thomas and not enough time discussing boiling points and copper kettles and yeast. I'll let you hop about and figure it out.

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