Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Volcano near Mt. Doom possible lahar hazard. Just what you wanted to hear, right?

I need a new female best friend. If you wish to apply, you must:

1) be in your mid to late 20s
2) be willing to dump all your problems onto me
3) listen to me on occasion
4) be Lutheran and
5) be female

Since I know of no one who reads this blog that actually matches anything close to those conditions, I have no hope.

The blogsphere can be a very intimidating place. That is most true when you are commenting on other people's blogs. While I once thought how many comments I got equaled the interest in the post. I now realize, however, that only a small percentage of people who are reading actually bother commenting. If I get no comments on a post, big deal. I figure I comment on other people's blogs about, oh, once every full moon, I shouldn't expect too many people to post on my blog. If Thomas doesn't post every once in a while, however, I do get worried. How did I ever come to the point where I judge my blog by the comments Thomas? He was the first to admit he liked black and tans.

I am modifying my dark beer theory slightly. I have decided that making statements like Guinness = confessionalism are close to worthless, that making the statement that Lutheran men who drink Guinness have a higher probability of being confessional. That way, if anybody says they drink Guinness and are not confessional, I have an out. If too many people say that, I'll just claim they are all outliers and disregard that data. I think I just made my hypothesis work!

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