Tuesday, May 04, 2004

One of the many problems of being me is that I will sometimes post something when I'm up too late and, after a little abuse, realize what the hell I was trying to do in the first place. Josh does not seem to realize a rant similar to his troubles with women when put into a much different context. As much as it may not look like it, my little "help wanted" ad below is my way of complaining about Lutheran women: namely, there are none that are anywhere near orthodox at my age. I am sure there are a few out there, but they don't live where I live. That leads me to the beer comments I made. My beer index only works for men. Why, you ask? Women don't like dark beer. That's just the truth. Through all of this, I had one main complaint: the feminization of the church. The two links dealing with CCM I put up yesterday also revolve around the feminization of the Church. I sometimes do this: my ranting orbits around a bigger theme that I just don't quite touch on. I'll save the direct rant on this topic until tomorrow.

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