Monday, May 24, 2004

I have unbanned everyone I banned in April. It has been a month. Don't go crazy posting comments, however.

For some strange reason, I decided to do a commentary on my blogroll. I think it is because I am bored.

All the Fullness: Lutherodoxy. He makes interesting and thoughtful comments (when he posts) and Chris is one of the guys who was around and blogging when I finally popped up on everybody's radar.

CyberBretheren: Rev. Paul McCain's blog is quite possibly the best Lutheran blog around now that Josh is gone. His commentary on current events is excellent and links to articles that are thoughtful and insightful.

A Lutheran in a Tipi: Twylah's thoughts, which can be as random as my thoughts. It does work.

The Small Catechlysm: Seldarin is chaotic and he doesn't post all that much. It's a blog that looks a lot like my room.

Edited Copy: Who knew a blonde could sometimes be smart? The musings of the Terrible Swede's wife.

Tentatio: Dart gives an interesting view on the world and rants about various subjects. This is what my blog could look like if I had about 20 more IQ points.

En Christou: One word says it all: TIMMAAYYY!!!!

Collarbones: Rev. Joel Brondos' view on the Church, world and politics. Sometimes, it seems like it is a clone of Cyberbretheren, but the blog does have its own fair.

Bunnie Diehl: A blog only a confessional Lutheran could love. She has earned the award for most controversial Lutheran blogger by purely attracting the ire of all those who like Contemprary Christian Music. She has the potential to be even more controversial. She and all the other Worldmag bloggers, however, need to realize there is a blogsphere outside the Worldmag universe and actually link to us poor, miserable blogspot users.

Ruminations of a Lutheran: Pennsy has to keep a somewhat low profile due to his job. He does manage to still put together a good blog.

Life of Brian: Anyone who quotes the hymns I wrote immediately wins praise from me. We need to keep an eye on him (in a good way).

Yeah: Two years and Neal's still going. I really wish he would post more often. As far as I can tell, he is the only active WELS blogger around.

The First British Lutheran with a Blog: Chris Williams commented on a post I had made about the ELCE. Next thing I know, he's blogging. If you are into deep theology, his posts will intrigue you. If you're not, he'll probably give you a headache.

Confessing Evangelical: Can Anglicans make good Lutherans? With John, the answer is, "Yes!" Like many Lutherans who come to Lutheranism from elsewhere, he has a wonderful grasp as to what Lutheranism has and what else is out there.

Endlessly Rocking: I finally gave Thomas his own space because I was sick of trying to classify him. Is he Lutheran? Orthodox? Catholic? All of the above? All I know is that he has a quirky sense of humor, a love of poetry, and a mind honed by both academia and hard physical work. God willing, he won't take this blog down.

The Sick Soul: Dave discussing all that is wrong with the world and how Lutheranism brought him peace. Maybe what my blog would look like if I was married, had been through the ringer that is Protestantism, and read way too much Karl Barth.

Lutheran Confessions: The ELCA perspective on the BoC. It is sometimes way too liberal, but there are good points to be made.

Chris Halverson: Chris commented one day about me being conservative and in the LCMS. I wondered over to his blog and discovered him calling me his bizzaro world. I couldn't agree more. If you ever wondered why I sometimes bash John Kerry, it's me living up to my bizzaro world obligations. Very liberal and very interesting, especially when he posts the questions for his discussion group.

St. Steven's Musings: I consider Karl's blog as one of the best in Christendom. I don't read it to argue with him as much as I read it to try to learn and question my own views. That, my friends, is the greatest compliment I can give.

Veritas: When he posts, it can be a very fascinating blog. If he could only be Lutheran.

A Crazy Canadian Catholic: Jiggles is Catholic, but he earned a spot here because I know him. We are friendly in our disagreements. Even so, I think he has the beginnings of a thoughtful blog.

Midwest Conservative Journal: Christopher Johnson's take on Anglicanism, sarcasm and all. He goes after the liberals in the ECUSA, guns ablaze. This blog, more than anything, is a reminder of how much worse things could be and why we should thank God the LCMS is not to this point yet.

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