Saturday, March 04, 2006

I've posted everywhere but here as of late.

So Here We Stand is going nuts again over the old earth/new earth controversy. I made my peace with this topic long ago.

I went to something I felt at ease at today, a place where I was with people I enjoy, an event I like to walk around at, an event where I feel at home. Yes, I was at a gun show. As I walked around the pavilion, I saw all sorts of people, from white trash to the extremely educated, guys with limbs blown off to guys who have never seen a gym before, guys who wore camo to guys who had multiple piercings. There were the usual people with rebel flags and bumper stickers telling Billary where they can stick it, but also guys showing pride in their alma matter. Yeah, you can look around and see a lot of the stereotypes the gun grabbers want to believe, but the businessman that stood next to me as I was fondling some of Glock's latest creations said, "My friends ask me why guns and why not classic cars? Guns are a heck of a lot cheaper than cars and I enjoy it. They just don't get me." I guess you have to hold a gun and fire it to truly understand the magic these pieces of polymer and steel have over men. Economists often talk about guns and butter. I'll take the guns because I can't eat the butter anymore.


Edit: My girlfriend pointed out to me Glock's website is in German and English, but not in French. Hmmmm.

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