Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What you do, do quickly is back and as feisty as ever. I have never been sure what to think about this blog. It reminded me of me a lot in my early days. That might be why I was one of the few people it seems in the Lutheran Blogshpere who is hesitant of accepting this blog. I have raised hell. I have called people out. I've been crude, rude, unsightly, and an ass, normally all at once. During this whole time, however, everybody has known who I am. I haven't been the most charitable to either Kieshnick or Benke. It's hard to be charitable when one admits he isn't much of a theologian (and we expect him to keep other theologians in line?) and the other constantly squats over altar and pulpit fellowship and takes a nice dump upon it. Maybe it will turn into a coprolite and then it will become interesting to me. Anyway, the point is you all know I said these things about them. If someone wants to bring the hammer down on me, there is plenty of opportunities to do it. As someone who does put his neck out there and waits for the chopping block to fall, I find the whole being anonymous thing to be annoying. Honestly, if your going to say inflammatory things and piss people off, at least put your name on the thing.

With that said, I am completely dumbfounded how LutherChik could confuse TK and me. She is a nice ELS lady from Minnesota, and I am an ass who attends a LCMS congregation in Kansas. She was the one who was polite, and I was the one who was being an ass. Do you see a pattern here? Her blogs are nice, and mine show what an ass I am. The fact you couldn't see what a gradeschooler could figure out probably should tell you and your copatriots to give up the "holier than thou" routine because you couldn't even figure out who "thou" is.

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