Thursday, March 23, 2006

Did the Russians give away our war plan?

The Return of Patriarchy

DeathStar and the new BoC.

Unless your head was buried in the sand (if it was, you better tell me if it was well or poorly sorted, rounded or angular, etc...), you have seen much of the Confessional Lutheran Blogsphere go absolutely crazy about the Doctrinal Review Board pulling its certification of the new Book of Concord (just called BoC from now on). Various hypotheses have appeared to explain this. I have now given a man you can have confidence in, a man whose integrity as a reporter is beyond reproach, a man who always gets to the bottom of a story no matter how much (expletive deleted) he has to wade through. Yes, I am talking about Samuel Simon Schmucker and The Scheister. No stone will remain unturned (or carefully looked over for ore), no lead remain unscrutinized, no bad geology joke will remain untold with Samuel Simon Schmucker on the job. Leave it to him to tell the whole story.

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