Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I saw Josh's comment on my last post, and it reminded me of something I know intrinsically but just don't think about all that much: blogging is hard. You don't know how many times I agonized about what to write about. There are days where the topics fall into your lap and you just write out your thoughts on the matter. There are other days where you know you have a list of about 20 things you want to write about and can't seem to remember any of them. Unfortunately, that is my situation most of the time. I try to remember all there great ideas I had in my head, but they just disappear into the void that is my brain, never to be seen. I have no idea why this happens now. It could be the fact that I've blogged about a lot of different things and I just have trouble finding creative things to blog about. There's also the fact that most people don't find the emplacement of granitic plutons all that exciting. I don't really find it all that exciting either. Mapping them is quite boring when it comes right down to it.

Anyway, I have this really crazy idea for LC XX. I'll just have to see if we (and I do mean we) can pull it off.

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