Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I occasionally like to wax poetic and think about "the good old days." OK, the "good old days" was where the total number of Confessional Lutheran blogs could be counted on two hands. Two years ago, the whole of the Confessional Lutheran blogsphere was contained in 10 blogs. How do I know this? Between Josh and I, we linked to every know Lutheran blog. Two years ago, there were 10 of us. Josh railed against Calvinism, The Swede hasn't changed much, Preacherman was the "pastor" of this group, Thomas was wondering if he was still Lutheran, Chris the Brit was the only guy in the UK blogging, Chris of All the Fullness was doing what he still does, just more regularly, Dave of "The Sick Soul" held out hope for the ELCA, (I wonder what happened to him), Neal of "Yeah" was the only WELS/ELS blog out there (I wonder why he's not blogging much), Keith A raged as only a chemist could, and I made sure Kieshnick and company didn't get too comfortable. There were 10 of us each with our own niches and well-defined roles. Now there are hundreds of Confessional Lutheran blogs. Not too far after February 2004 is when the blogsphere exploded. By the time 2005 rolled around, I couldn't keep up with all the blogs.
One of these days, I'll have to write up a history of this little niche of the internet.

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