Monday, March 13, 2006

Lutheran Carnival XIX is up at Be Strong in the Grace.

What are people saying about the LC?

Oh me..I may have spoken too soon. I checked out some of the past carnivals done by this group..some of them are a bit to the right of Atilla the Hun.--LoveisTruth

Those guys are mainly seminarians and Pastors from the LCMS. Not only that , they are part of the confessional movement. They are some hardcore people. From what I read in their blogs, The elca is not lutheran and 90% of the LCMS are not either. One is to liberal and the others are to Protestant. Honestly I think they want to crown themselves bishops. IMO.

There is useful information though, just to be fair.--thinkstoomuch

I've read through this "carnival" before. Waaaaay too scary for me.:-O (In the immortal words of Jerry Seinfeld in one classic Seinfeld episode, "That's one angry clown.")--tawonda

We're being compared to Atilla the Hun? I just thought we were people putting our ideas out there and trying to preserve 2000 years of catholic history. I also find it amusing they think all of us are disgruntled LCMS types. Maybe my girlfriend (who is WELS) might dispute that, along with the current LC host. She belongs to the ELS. Of course, some of our contributers come from Canada (LCC) and England (ELCE). What do I know? I'm only one of three snobby, stiff-necked, backwards laymen that run this thing. Oh yes, you heard me. I am a layman. There's no pastoral conspiracy, no clergy pulling the strings behind the scenes, nobody actually telling us how to run this thing. Rather, we have a group of laymen concerned about what people think about Lutheranism and willing shout to say there is a different way to be Lutheran besides the ELCA way.

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