Thursday, September 22, 2005

This past week of work for me has been incredibly enjoyable. I finally got to apply what I have been trained to do: look for oil and gas. I have to admit it is a tedious process. There was a time or two I wanted to stab my eyes out with a toothpick and bang my head against the wooden door of my office as I try to figure the geology out, which is never easy, but my coworkers said I haven't looked this happy in quite a while. I'm excited to talk to them and bounce my ideas off of them. I am a little more confident that I do know what I am doing, that I do know something about this planet, and that I can use that to find the energy this country needs more than ever to keep it running. The whole reason for this? The server went down at work, so I had time to work on this project at work rather than home, where a certain someone tends to take more of a priority. Anyway, I got a lot done. This is all a process to prove that I can produce prospects and make the company money.

Anyway, I can't talk about a lot of things I do at work because so much of it is confidential. That's the reason I don't blog much about work, discuss who I work with, and even where I work. It's better safe than sorry in this business, and I'd rather be safe.

I'm finding geology is taking more and more of a prominent role on my blog as I talk less and less about theology and synod politics. There are so many people who now say the same things I want to say, just much better. I guess geology is the one area where I can speak from authority and still be unique in this little segment of the blogsphere.

Speaking of geology, I wish to make a point about the fossil record. Anyone who tells you the fossil record proves evolution is engaging in a non-sequitur. Simply put, the fossil record doesn't prove neo-Darwinism, no matter how much they want it to. All the fossil record proves is faunal succession. That's it. The mechanism that drives faunal succession is a hypothesis to try to explain why we see faunal succession. Other means will be needed to prove such hypotheses. The fossil record just cannot bear the load of proving one mechanism over another.

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