Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I went to get my lunch today. While standing in line, waiting for to get my sandwich at Quiznos, the guy standing behind me in line saw a guy he knew. They started talking and he asked the other guy why he was in town. The other guy said he was going through "diversity training."

Why do we have to train people to be diverse when it is well known that good manners equal good business? Are people so dumb that they can't realize that being polite and kind to one another leads to a good place to work? Are we so far gone as to think we cannot adjust to some of the realities of the world? People who I have talked to say diversity training didn't teach them anything that they didn't already know. They also said it bored them out of their minds. So, companies are paying for people to go training about something they already know, pays them to go to something they already know, and gets no productive work in return. What do you call this? A waste, that's what you call this. Add the politically correct garbage that is added to these programs, and you almost guarantee falling morale and an air of suspicion in the office. I am thankful I work for a company so small that we don't even think about crap like this, and guess what: it's a really good place to work. Imagine that. Of course, we know that we'll get fired if we say something stupid and offensive. It doesn't take diversity training to figure that out, and to figure out what is and isn't offensive.

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