Thursday, September 15, 2005

As many of you know, this blog is just whatever I feel like on any given day. I must admit it was once much easier to blog when there were fewer Lutheran bloggers around. Heck, for a while, there was one pastor and a few laymen. We all just climbed into our niches and went on. Now, it can be tough to find something interesting to blog about because so many people blog about the stuff I used to cover. So, if you're wondering why there hasn't been much LCMS news lately, that's why. At this point, the only useful thing I have to say is that rebuilding New Orleans is stupid and leaving the Port there is even dumber.

Why you ask? If you look at a map of Louisiana, most of Southern Louisiana is on the Mississippi Delta. I'm sure now you're thinking I'm as crazy as a one-legged man trying to make hops. "Most of Southern Louisiana is swampland you idiot" I'm sure you're saying. Now it is, but much of what we call Southern Louisiana is various lobes of the Mississippi Delta. The fact that I'm talking about lobes of the delta should be setting off alarms in your head. This map should put to rest any doubts you may have. The river shifts. If the wonderful organization we call the Army Corps of Engineers hadn't messed with the river, we'd have a new delta lobe forming right now. Even with them messing with the river, they almost lost it in 1960s (I think it was 1967, but I don't remember and I can't seem to find any info on it at the moment). Anyway, the river will shift at some point, and no levee is going to stop it when it happens. Such is life. That also means New Orleans will go from a major transportation point to a useless mudhole. Not exactly a sunny prognostication for the city, is it?

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