Thursday, September 01, 2005

One of the things I have is a KIOGA press kit. KIOGA stands for Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association, which covers just about every country except the majors that operate the Hugoton Gas Field, which is in Southeastern Kansas. Some of the more interesting stats are the differences in state taxes on top of the 18.4 cents per gallon. Alaska has the lowest taxes at 8 cents per gallon. Hawaii has the highest taxes at 36.3 cents per gallon. My fair state of Kansas has a tax of 25 cents per gallon. Wyoming's tax is 14 cents per gallon.

In case you are wondering about gas prices, consider you pay about $4.52 a gallon for Evion, $8.52 per gallon for a bottle of Budweiser, $19.68 a gallon for Scope, and $38.65 for Head & Shoulders Shampoo. Tobasco Sauce costs $63.36 a gallon. Jack Daniels (which can be used as gasoline in a pinch) costs $98.61 per gallon. Remy Martin Champagne costs $187.14 per gallon. Visine (get the red out) is a whopping $776.72 per gallon and the kicker is Flonase. If you use that, you're paying $14,763.45 per gallon. You might also like to know you're paying $2.25 a gallon for that Coke. Enjoy.

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