Friday, September 23, 2005

Thank the Swede for saving the Carnival. I know I laid the law down today, but I had to. I've talked to Elle, and we agree that the carnival should go biweekly and see if that helps everybody. That means Lutheran Carnival IX will happen on October 9, not October 2 as originally planned. Also, I think I need to end all suggested topics for posts. That hasn't seemed to help at all. I really do thank everybody who contributed to this carnival, even if because I gave you a guilt trip. Consider this, however. The people who volunteer do spend some time putting things together. Often, they go look for portraits of Christians who have come before, find a little information on this person, and put it all together with the links. It takes some creativity and some time to edit it into one cohesive whole. I don't want to burden a host with taking all this time and having only a few links to show for it. I'm completely unwilling to continue the carnival in such circumstances. If it is as bad next time as it was this time, I will not hesitate to shut the carnival down. All we need from you all is a couple minutes to fill out a little information because we will take most anything you might post about, whether it is about theology or not. If I can send in links about geology, you all can send in whatever you like.

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