Saturday, December 11, 2004

If anybody wishes to receive a Christmas card from me for some strange reason (I really don't know why you would want one), go ahead and e-mail me your address sometime between now and whenever and I'll make sure to send one of my silly little Christmas cards to you by Monday.

I am now involved in a discussion about what the Church is and isn't. Right now, I'm ambushing someone. It's an interesting tactic just to sit here and ask questions and wait for these people to slide their own heads into the nuses and even pull the lever to hang themselves. As the Augsburg Confession states, the Church can be found where the gospel is preached properly and the sacraments administered rightly. Unfortunately, since I am not a postmodernist, they will find it very depressing trying to reverse the questions I am asking them onto me because I have a spine and I won't back down to the chalenges. I also know the burden of proof is on them, since their theology is the novelty. May God keep me humble.

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