Thursday, December 16, 2004

I am very happy to see Bunnie Diehl back to blogging, but I never did quite get to the post where I was to lament her dead blog. For those of you that know the not-so-great great and utterly reprehensible musician P.D.Q. Bach, you know he composed a song as part of his Four Folksong Upsettings called Little Bunny Hop! Hop! Hop! for mezzo soprano. I was going to use those lyrics in my post lamenting the untimely death of her blog. Being that she is back, I shall have to wait until the pietists drive her up the wall again. In case you do not frequent her blog, the least you can do is pray for her friend Jennifer.

I am making my way through the appendices of RotK. So far, it looks awesome!

A post on why Lutherans don't pray to the Saints is in line behind my grace imperatives post which I am still working on (lie) and should be done soon (lie). OK, I'm watching 24 (still not finished with it) while trying to sneak RotK in also. I am currently working on diddly and squat when it comes to the future of this blog.

In case you didn't notice, there is a new poll up. Vote to your heart's content!

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