Wednesday, December 15, 2004

First, I have a little official business. Duke, you have been banned permanently from commenting on this forum for being unwilling to give us neither your real name nor an e-mail. May I also say your argument is weak and it had nothing to do with what I had posted.

Now that that's over, I can get onto the fun stuff. In my lap sits the extended version of Return of the King. The movie now times at four hours, ten minutes. You better believe I'm going to watch it all the first chance I get, which is probably Friday Night. I have to work out tomorrow. I want to keep losing weight, you know. Anyway, I plan on watching the first of the appendices tonight.

I handed out Christmas cards tonight at Church. In case you wondered, I always get a large stack of Shoebox greeting cards for everyone. They go from quite cute and funny to extremely childish and funny. I gave my pastor a card that falls in the latter category.

To everyone I am mailing cards to (all two of you), they will be in the mail tomorrow and, hopefully (I made a funny), they will arrive before the mail system completely collapses.

Everyone enjoy the rest of the week. If I am lax about my blogging, you all will know why. Tolkien rules.

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